A Delayed Life: The Powerful Memoir of the Librarian of Auchwitz


The powerful, heart-breaking memoir of Dita Kraus, THE LIBRARIAN OF AUSCHWITZ Dita Kraus was born in Prague in 1929 – in her powerful new memoir she writes about her childhood before the war and then during the Nazi-occupation that saw her and her family sent to the Jewish ghetto at Terezin and from there to Auschwitz and then Bergen-Belsen. Dita writes powerfully and unflinchingly about the harsh conditions of the camps and her role as librarian of the precious books the prisoners had managed to smuggle past the guards. She also writes about the liberation of the camps and her chance meeting with fellow survivor Otto B Kraus after the war. Part of Dita’s story was told in fictional form in the Sunday Times bestseller THE LIBRARIAN OF AUSCHWITZ by Antonio Iturbe.
Published 2020

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Kraus, Dita