Aging Reimagined: A Guide for the Journey


A chapter in your life is drawing to a close. Decades of identifying with professional and familial roles no longer reflect or describe who you are. You have begun to experience losses ranging from physical changes to the deaths of loved ones. The Golden Years of retirement lie ahead, but the idea of a ‘retiring life’ doesn’t inspire your vision of a fulfilling life. The question arising in your mind, heart, and spirit, is now beginning to stir your imagination. What will a life of meaning, purpose and passion look like as you enter this ‘Third Act’ of life? Aging Reimagined provides a guide for exploring these questions. Travel into your imaginal world to resource your creativity Rediscover ‘The Call’ first heard and expressed in your childhood play Recover lost dreams and latent talents Review and release old beliefs and patterns that have limited your vision of a rich and rewarding Third Act Rewrite your life script for a reimagined elderhood of meaning, purpose and passion.
Published 2020.

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Saunders, Judith