Clash of the Cousins


A big city ballerina with a chip on her shoulder; a country girl ready to stand her ground. Throw them together and sparks are sure to fly! 12-year-old Aria Bennett’s prim and precise life in Auckland is torn apart when she is sent to live with her eight cousins in isolated Peel Forest. Self-sufficient homeschooled and far too numerous, they sound like Aria’s worst nightmare.
Hazel Anderson is fiercely protective of her young brothers and sisters and vow that Aria had better be nice to them OR ELSE. Two cousins are going head to head in one almighty crash of wills. Toss in some possums, a cholate cake, and a composting toilet and you have a recipe for disaster… or do you?
This brand new novel will charm and delight all its readers.
Winner of Storylines New Writer’s Award!
Suitable 8-15
Published 2021.

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Shaw, Louise