Finding Clara


U.S. edition published under the title ‘The German Heiress’. 1946. Essen, Germany. Clara. Once heiress to the Falkenberg iron works and a wartime icon; now on the run from the Allied authorities, accused of complicity in her father’s war crimes. Jakob. A charming black marketeer, badly wounded in the war but determined to help what’s left of his family survive the peace. Willy. A teenage boy diligently guarding a mine full of Wehrmacht supplies, his only friend a canary named Gertrud. Convinced the war isn’t over, he refuses to surrender his post. When Clara returns to her hometown expecting to find her best friend, she finds everything she once knew in ruins. But in war-ravaged Germany, it’s not just the buildings that are scarred: everyone is changed, everyone lives in the wreckage of their own pasts. To survive, Clara must hide who she is; but to live, she must face up to the truth of what she’s done.

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Scott, Anika