Guardians of Aotearoa: Protecting New Zealand’s Legacies


Buffeted by the forces of modern change, it can be tough to hold onto what we value most, or sometimes, even to slow down and think what that is. This is a book about New Zealanders who have found what they hold dear, and, with an eye on the future, are nurturing and defending it with all their might. This is a book about kaitiaki. Some are preserving skills and knowledge; others values. Many are working to restore and protect the environment – so fundamental to our sense of ourselves in this country. If there’s one thing this book shows, it’s that it takes all sorts to make a world, and to safeguard the best of that world. It also gets us asking – what else do we need to make sure we take with us into the future? And how can all of us help?

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Knox, Johanna