Historic Sheep Stations of New Zealand


A glorious new edition of Colin Wheeler’s seminal books on the historic sheep stations of New Zealand Between 1967 And 1970 Colin Wheeler visited 60 of New Zealand’s historic sheep stations across the North and South Islands. Travelling thousands of kilometres with his wife Phyllis, the pair went to places rarely seen by the outside world. It was a time when sheep farming was still the most important agricultural industry in New Zealand, yet the stations remained some of the most isolated communities the world over. Wheeler spent month after month drawing, painting and writing about what he saw and the back-country people he met: the interiors of old cottages, blacksmith’s shops, rabbiting huts, sod-walled school houses, grand homesteads; bailing hooks, sack needles, hand sheers, wool wagons; shepherds; musterers and cooks. They travelled beyond swift and treacherous rivers, hard against the main divide; stood for days in deep snow, sat in heavy frost, were hampered by sea-mist, heavy dues, hoar frosts and fierce nor’westers. Historic Sheep Stations of New Zealand is a remarkable survey of our heartland. It is a national treasure – a must-have for every Kiwi home.

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Wheeler, Colin