Maimeri Blu Watercolour 12ml Magenta Quinacridone


MaimeriBlu features an absolute purity of pigments that, together with gum arabic, compose the totality of the mixture. Imperceptible, transparent, clean. No blending powders, and no additives. The real value lies in the transparency of its colours and in the freshness of its washes.

PR202 has a bluish red color, but is more yellow than Quinacridone Red (PR122), which is the modern favorite for Magenta in CMYK (four color) process printing.

Although it is not the most famous magenta in the quinacridone family of pigments, PR202 belongs to a related class chemically, and is thus relatively stable and permanent for a bluish red pigment. It is one of the pigments often used in inks and toners for process printing.

Quinacridone Magenta has no acute hazards. Overexposure to quinacridone pigments may cause skin irritation. Quinicridone pigments contain a compound found to be a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant.

PR202 has been widely used as an automotive paint. Other applications include packaging, printing inks, and textiles.

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