McGinty: Fencing in the High Country


With absolutely no understanding of the work, or skills required, McGinty, as you will know him in this book, sets about the task of learning as he goes. He made major mistakes, he tried to cover up those mistakes, he battled on and ventually he established himself as the fencing contractor, working for some of the remarkable people in the high country. This story is about those lies and mistakes, about the learning and the determination to proceed and get it right. Like Tony’s previous book McGinty Musters Erewhon , this book is about the joys and disappointments, the mistakes and the triumphs, the frustrations and the pleasures of McGinty’s five years while fencing on some of the Sheep Stations like Lake Coleridge , Glenthorne , Castle Hill , Inverary , and Mt. Algidus, back in the mid-sixties.

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Robinson, Tony