Quaky Cat


Written in response to the Canterbury earthquake, Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan and Gavin Bishop is an evocative, uplifting story that will touch the hearts of all who read it. ‘On a cold Christchurch morning, while the city was sleeping, before the birds roused him with twitters and cheeping, curled up on the end of his friend Emma’s bed, Tiger woke with a start …and a feeling of dread. Tiger fled from the house with a leap and a bound as, louder than thunder, from deep underground, came a roar and a shudder and terrible shaking! Around him, the city was rolling and quaking.’ The Canterbury earthquake affected children in so many ways: homes gone, playgrounds destroyed, schools damaged, pets missing, favourite books and toys lost. Quaky Cat is a picture book for children throughout New Zealand – to bring comfort to those who experienced the earthquake, and understanding to the children who didn’t.

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Noonan, Diana