Take Charge of Your Happiness, Bellyfat & Sexiness: A Woman’s Rapid Reset for Body, Mind and Hormone


You feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, unsexy and often just plain cranky – maybe you just ‘Feel Like Crap’ and life is not fun anymore?
Add to that; you’re totally frustrated with your weight. You’ve tried everything but failed, so you tried again, and you failed again.
This pattern really starts to do your head in and makes you feel like a failure, and you just want to give up as you start to fall into a downward spiral of low self-worth. Maybe you’ve even been to your doctor and been told: “I’ve run a few tests and they are all normal, so maybe you just need an anti-depressant “.

Maybe you have a young family and feel you are ‘running out of cope’, or you’re heading for menopause and dreading it?
Women have a more difficult time with their hormones than men, simply because you have a monthly cycle, driven by the ebb and flow of your sex hormones. But more importantly, because your hormonal response to stress is very different from men’s.
This book reveals the most recent science, which women deserve to know, in everyday language. It explains the WHY and HOW, to empower you to ‘Take Charge of Your Happiness, Bellyfat and Sexiness. The science of women all in one place.

Learn how you can control the impact of hormonal processes on your brain, and the way your body responds to changes in body chemistry – particularly your stress, thyroid and sex hormones.
David peels away the mythology and folklore and traces the real keys to women’s wellness back in time, to when our bodies developed powerful hormonal systems to ensure excess food was stored for emergencies – as fat!
This book is David’s way of sharing his knowledge to empower you with the resources to ‘Take Charge’ of the three fundamental factors driving your health. These are – what you eat, the toxicity in your body and the toxicity in your mind.
He details a 9 – 21 day ‘Rapid Reset’ lifestyle plan to use a ketogenic diet to turn on your bodies ability to easily burn fat to power up your body and brain – become ‘fat adapted’. This gifts you ‘metabolic flexibility’ so you can burn either fat or carbs, so you do not become the weirdo “who can’t eat anything on the menu”.
You will not find all this information in one place anywhere else or get it from your doctor. For most people, a few simple changes can make a significant change in the way you feel within a few days.
As a research scientist with 48 years experience, David Musgrave has spent the last 30 years studying food, nutrition, and how a woman’s hormone system works.

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