The Freedom of Birds


Remi Victoire is the golden child among all the theatre orphans, who dreams of a life on a Paris stage. But when this future is stolen from him, Remi and his faithful friend Pascal turn their backs on Paris forever. With Saskia, a runaway orphan girl, Remi and Pascal form a theatre troupe, travelling through the fairytale lands that are the home of the Brothers Grimm, finally finding a safe haven in Venice. As Napoleon’s vast Empire crumbles, however, the French storytellers discover that Paris itself is now at risk of invasion and they fear for the loved ones they have left behind. From picturesque villages, to Italian theatres, to the battlefields outside of Paris, this is a story about bonds of friendship and love in all its forms, about the importance of stories and about finding a place to belong.
Published 2021.

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Parkyn, Stephanie