The Trentsworth Terrors: The Altered State School


School work, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. A child’s worst nightmare, yet Ben, Mark, Tiffany, Susan, and Albert are looking forward to arriving at their new boarding school which promises such a tedious lifestyle. Only Stanley, the remaining Terror, realises it is not a school any kid would wish to attend. He knows that they would all agree with him if the others had not watched the Kwenz Education introductory video. Something in that video made his friends into mindless slaves, and he actually knows what. He is also acutely aware that, once at this new boarding school, his friends would be exposed to the same mind-controlling videos day after day, making them do whatever the school wanted. Stanley needs to work out a way to protect his friends from the hypnotising images and fast, especially after the discovery that not only their will, but their lives are held in the balance at The Altered State School.

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Jordan, Peter