The Trentworth Terrors: The Ghost of Castle Tower


Two years after losing his father, Mark Mitchell’s life is once more plunged into chaos when his mum decides to move back to her hometown of Trentsworth. He believes his life is over, now that he has lost the excitement of the big city. But once he meets Ben, Stanley, Albert, Susan, and Tiffany, who are known locally as The Terrors, he finds out that Trentsworth is not such a boring small alpine township after all. After a ghost appears on top of an old castle ruin, they discover that a secret tunnel system is being built right under everyone’s noses. This gets them pondering the following questions. Who would be behind such a huge undertaking? What dastardly plan requires a large network of tunnels directly under Trentsworth? How, if at all, is this related to the sudden appearance of the ghostly figure on the top of Castle Tower? Find out in The Trentsworth Terrors – The Ghost of Castle Tower.

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Jordan, Peter