Weird Little Robots


An illustrated fantasy story with science themes; friendship and science bring tiny magical robots to life for nine-year-old Penny Rose!
In a new town with only the robots she creates for company, it only takes a little bit of magic to change everything for nine-year-old Penny Rose. With her new friend Lark ? an eccentric tinkerer herself ? the promise of joining a secret science club and her newly sentient robots, Penny Rose can?t imagine how she was ever lonely. But a fateful misstep means Penny Rose will have to choose between the club she?s always dreamed of and the best friend she’d always hoped for. And in the end, it may be her beloved little robots who pay the price. A magical story of friendship, growing up and how our choices affect those we care most about.
A young middle grade story of friendship with STEM themes and a magical twist.
Tiny magical robots, quirkily illustrated by Corinna Luyken.
A science-loving 9-year-old heroine ? for fans of Rosie Revere: The Questioneers.

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