Why Do Tigers Have Whiskers? And Other Cool Things About Animals


Do sharks sneeze? Do butterflies remember being caterpillars? Why don’t cats wear shoes? Children have an insatiable curiosity for the world around them, and life can be an endless source of fascination for young minds. But do you have all the answers? And are they actually correct? Maybe you need to ask an expert … Adapted from The Conversation’s highly successful Curious Kids online column, Why Do Tigers Have Whiskers? is the first book in a series exploring some of life’s most pressing questions, submitted by children and answered by leading experts in each field. ‘After editing Curious Kids for The Conversation for so many years, I’ve developed a deep respect for how children see the world in ways adults cannot,’ says series editor Sunanda Creagh. ‘I love their unalloyed awe at the world and brilliant inability to worry about looking silly by asking questions that range from the blindingly simple to the deeply weird. And in every answer we publish on The Conversation – each penned by an academic expert in their field – there is always something for adults to learn, too.’ In this first book on animals, venture into the jungle to discover why tigers need whiskers, dig deep with echidnas to find out how they breathe underground, and shimmy up a tree with your pet cat to learn how it uses its claws. Future books will cover such topics as the ocean, outer space, the human body and language. Aimed at kids aged 4-7, the series asks the big questions about the world as only a child could, with factual explanations that break down the fundamentals and check our assumptions. A glossary helps young readers learn more complex terms, and immersive collages illustrate each answer, with layers of stuff to marvel at and identify. Learn the why, the how and the wow! as you explore your world through the eyes of a curious kid.

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Creagh, Sunanda