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Derivan Artist Acrylic 75ml Tubes

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Choose Colour: Australian Leaf Green

Derivan Artist Acrylic is a professional range of acrylic colours designed to be water-resistant and lightfast.  Derivan Artist is equivalent in colour strength and permanency to most professional grades of paint but is much more affordable.  Although Derivan Artist Acrylic is a single price across the range, the 24 colours available cover the full spectrum demanded by artists.  Derivan Artist can be used in combination with the Derivan Painting Mediums range or for a wider choice of mediums the Matisse Medium range.  Derivan Artist Acrylic will give equally fantastic results used as a thick impasto paint or with the use of water and mediums as a watercolour screen printing ink on paper airbrushing or fabric paint. 

ASTM Lightfastness: Derivan Artist Acrylic pigments are all rated either ASTM 1 or 2, which means they are permanent.

Health and Safety: Derivan Artist is a non-toxic water-based acrylic paint that carries the certification seal of the US based Arts and Craft Materials Institute as safe for use by Artists (AP Label).