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Design and Destroy: Draw, Paint, Rip and Ruin This Book

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Design & Destroy presents a liberating new approach to the creative process with over 150 inspiring artistic and writing prompts.

Take a joyfully unconventional creative journey! With both artistic and writing prompts, this mixed-media journal encourages creative freedom and thinking outside the box. Are you in need of some fresh creative inspiration and new ways to relieve stress all in one? Design & Destroy is the journal for you. With it, discover a new way of approaching the creative process with over 150 prompts varying from encouraging you to design something that's completely your own, to prompts that encourage you to take destruction and make something from the remains.

Break the mold as you respond to prompts including:

- Sew a page
- Collage all your fortunes from fortune cookies
- Practice drawing hands
- Press flowers
- Fill a page with paint splatter
- Create your own optical illusion
- And many more

Whether you're a creative looking for unique ideas to re-inspire you, or a beginner artist drawn to the nontraditional forms of art, this journal is the perfect outlet. There is no right or wrong way to fill this journal-make a mess, make all the mistakes, and have fun destroying these pages!