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The Revengers: A Jeremiah Halstead Western

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Hailed as the Elmore Leonard of a new generation, two-time Spur Award finalist and Peacemaker Award-winning author Terrence McCauley super-charges the lawless frontier of a 19th century Montana Territory mining town with his trademark gritty realism and high action, as Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremiah Halstead battles a ruthless outlaw who’s as cunning with a pen as he is deadly with a six-gun…

“McCauley's Westerns move at a pace that leaves readers sweating and out of breath.Blood on the Trail is one wild, entertaining ride.” —Johnny D. Boggs

No sooner has Montana become a state than Zimmerman launches a diabolical campaign to turn a remote swath of land into an outlaw kingdom. Some of the richest mines in the West are in Zimmerman’s sights, and he’s rallied allies on both sides of the law to stake his claim.

The corpses are piled high in Halstead’s war with the vicious outlaw, but now Zimmerman proves himself as cunning with a pen as he is deadly with a six-gun. When news of his plot reaches the state capital of Helena, U.S. Marshal Aaron Mackey and Deputy Billy Sunday step into the fray.

Halstead is taking no prisoners to prevent Zimmerman from getting filthy rich off land bought with dollars . . . and soaked in blood . . .